The serene town of Manali is Himachal Pradesh is a highly sought after tourist destination, thanks to its picturesque surroundings which make for some incredible sightseeing and adventure. However, the quaint town of Manali is also home to several indigenous tribes with their own customs, norms and socio-cultural lifestyle. Despite the influence of modernity and some industrialization, they have maintained their distinctive traditional and cultural practices to this day. The next time you travel to Manali, try to gain an insight into the lifestyle of the locals by interacting with them. In this blog, YOHO Travels provides you a glimpse into Manali’s folk culture, despite the allures of modernity, retains its authentic charm.
Fairs and Festivals of Manali:

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The local people of Manali celebrate various festivals and fairs, all of which are marked by a simplicity and elegance. When you visit these festivals with Delhi to Manali holiday packages, it should be remembered that they reflect not just the religious but also the economic values of the locals. During these lively celebrations, folk songs and dances are held, while visitors also get a chance to observe the traditional art and craft forms practiced in this region.
Most of the celebrations take place from the months of February to March. One of these is the Phagli Fair which celebrates the victory of sages Manu and Shandalya over the demon Tundi. This fair is held in almost every village. These fairs also have an economic aspect attached to them because it’s during this time that people are engaged in the buying and selling of everyday items.

The other famous fair is the Banjar Fair, which is marked by songs and dances at the Nanda Devi Temple. Among the festivals, the most popular is Basant Panchami, which is celebrated quite exuberantly at the Krishna Temple. This is an experience both exciting and enlightening.

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Folk dances in Manali:

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The people of Manali, just like everywhere else, display their happiness on festive occasions through dancing. However, the folk dances are a reflection and inspired by the everyday lifestyle of the local people, involving their joys and sorrows, struggles and celebrations. In Manali, which is a great place to head to with your lover with Delhi to Manali honeymoon packages, folk dances are often divided between men and women, perhaps due to certain practices which have been followed since ancient times.
One of the popular folk dances performed by the women is Charasay-Tarasay. Performed in the months of March and April, it is performed in the absence of any musical instruments. Another is the Lalharhi, which is popular with unmarried women and performed by arranging themselves in rows facing each other.

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Among men, one of the popular folk dances is the Bandhu or Ghost dance. During this dance, the performers gather in a particular temple with torches in their hands and light a campfire known as “Jagra” in front of the temple. Horn Dance is another popular folk dance amongst the men in Manali. It involves six dancers out of which, two are dressed as deer, two as women and two as clowns. A famous tale surrounding this tale states that the people performed it to rid themselves of a despotic king. Deo Khel and Hulki dances are other two dances quite popular among the men.

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Food in Manali:

When you plan a trip to Manali with YOHO tour packages, taste the street food of the place, you will not be disappointed. Enjoyed both by the locals and tourists, some of the most popular street foods are Sidu (a bread preparation), Trout (fish prepared by slow cooking), Babru (a kind of kachori), Patande (a common sweet dish), Bhey (prepared using lotus stems), Aktori (a kind of cake) and Tudkiya Bhat (a spicy dish made of vegetables, lentils and rice). The use of local items lends a distinct flavor to the dishes, and that is why one should check them out during their stay here.


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