Winston Churchill once described Russia as a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. Think Russia, and the images which immediately flood your mind are cathedrals, plains, Siberia and the Russian bear. We’ve all grown up on stories about Russian winters and the people’s ability to deal with it by drinking copious amounts of vodka! Perhaps, it’s one of the few countries which manages to perplex even seasoned global travelers, and not for want of trying. With its illustrious history, great wars, massive forests, enormous lakes, diverse cultures and much more, Russia is one of the countries which deserves several visits during one’s lifetime. Here they are! Read on!!

1.Trans-Siberian Railway: As long as Russia itself!
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It seems everything in Russia is as enormous as its geographical size, as you will discover on your visit with Russia travel packages. An example of this is the Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest in the world. It would fascinate you to know that this railway manages to traverse two ends of the country, from Moscow in the west to Vladivostok in the east. Of course, doing so would mean spending almost 152 hours, or a week, inside the train while it covers a distance of almost 9,200km. During this time, it covers eight time zones and shows you the various natural faces of Russia.

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2.Russia’s physical features: Big as a bear!
Russia tour packagesYou know Russia is big as a bear, right? How big though, exactly? Well, consider this: it takes up nearly one-seventh of the world’s landmass and covers eight time zones. Compare these figures to Pluto, once considered to be a planet in our solar system. While Pluto’s surface area is almost 16.6 million sq. km, that of Russia is 17 million sq. km. Sorry Pluto, but Russia wins this. It shares its borders with almost 14 countries and boasts 12 seas within its borders. These statistics clearly reveal its colossal size and reach. Wait, there’s more! Not only is Russia home to 40 national parks and the same number of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, it has Lake Baikal, a rift lake so large it resembles a sea. Consider these facts next time you embark on a Russia trip and admire the natural spectacle that is Russia.

3.Art & Sculpture: Simply spectacular!
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In Russia, the arts and sculpture take on grandiose proportions, as you will experience in your visit with Delhi to Russia holiday packages. You get a glimpse of this at the St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum which is the second largest art museum in the world and houses the largest collection of paintings. Another one is the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, which has three branches all over Moscow. Russia is also home to the grandest pieces of sculptures in the world. If that sounds far fetched, just take a look at statues like Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, Peter the Great, The Motherland Calls and the Statue of Alexander III. All of these reflect the deep appreciation of the Russians for their arts and history.

4.Moscow Metro: Forever fascinating!
Russia packagesIn case you wondered if the Moscow subway system deserved a special mention, think again! As part of your Russia tours, take a ride in the Moscow Metro which is the world’s second largest and carries around 7 million passengers on a daily basis. It’s interesting to know that it was built around the mid-1930’s during the Stalin era. It has also been called the most beautiful subway system in the world, with 44 out of 200 stations being cultural heritage sites! Further, the Moscow metro also boasts the only station situated on a bridge. In fact, taking a ride in Russia’s metro is nothing short of overwhelming.

5.A Russian Winter: Quite magical!
Delhi to russia holiday packagesSome parts of Russia are cold throughout the year, as you will discover during your Delhi to Russia tour packages. During winters, however, sub-zero temperature can really be intimidating. There are places where temperatures can reach -40°C. However, this is also when you come across magical sights which seemed to have jumped out of a fairytale. If you head far North, you will have a chance of witnessing the magic of nature in action: the Northern Lights. This is also the time when a lengthy winter festival is held and stretches across New Year, Christmas and Svyatki. Russian winter is also a term used to describe the failure of several military invasions in Russia!

6.Peterhof Complex: Puts Versailles to shame!
Delhi to russia tour packagesOne of the most fabulous sights that you will come across during your Russia holiday is that of Peterhof Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Indeed, it’s a sight fit for the gods. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Russia, it was built by Peter the Great to match, or exceed, the grandeur of the Palace of Versailles in France. Inside the palace, you come across incredible structures like the Fountains of Peterhof. There is also the Samson Fountain which depicts Samson (a mythical Biblical character) tearing open the jaws of a lion. The fountains, with their gilt statues are a captivating sight and operated by the force of gravity instead of pumps, a rare and amazing engineering achievement. The palace complex also includes upper and lower parks which are dotted with other several fountains and waterfalls.

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