Manali, a high-altitude town in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in India. Overlooked by snow capped mountains and washed by the waters of the River Beas, travelling to this charming town is like placing yourself in the lap of nature. If you have been to Manali, chances are that you have been to that part of it which is chock full of tourists and therefore, comes across as quite touristy.

However, there is also an older part of Manali which remains hidden from the public view, but which certainly offers more solitude and tranquility. If we have aroused your interest enough so far, then here is a YOHO Travels blog which lets you find out what makes Old Manali so different from the New. Book Your Manali tour packages with Yoho travels.

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Where exactly is Old Manali?

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You can approach Old Manali from New Manali through a 20 minute uphill trek which covers a distance of almost 3km. Auto-rickshaws can be found playing the passengers between the two points, but the trek is worth it. Once you plan a trip with Delhi to Manali adventure packages and come across Old Manali, the contrast in the two is immediately visible.

What is the difference between Old and New Manali?

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The difference between the two faces of Manali is quite pronounced, and immediately noticeable by any traveler. One of the greatest differences is that it’s far less crowded and remains relatively hidden from the prying eyes of tourists.


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In New Manali, the crowds and the noise can and does get to you sometimes. The constant traffic gives you the feeling of being stuck in some mid-sized bustling town. Don’t be surprised if you are stuck in a traffic jam or the blaring of horns threatens to disrupt your state of pure bliss.

In contrast, Old Manali is enveloped in complete solitude and such is the tranquility that you may hold a conversation with nature if you feel like.


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If you are looking to embark on a trip with Delhi to Manali family packages anytime soon, then you will be surprised by what’s in store for you, as far as sightseeing is concerned. This is not to say that New Manali lags behind Old Manali as far as sightseeing opportunities are concerned. However, in Old Manali, you get a chance to observe the beauty of nature up close. Villages perched on the mountain sides with fog gently dancing over them and a pleasant silence broken only by the chirping of birds – you get the picture!

Staying options

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While New Manali has its fair share of leisure resorts and hotels, they just don’t appeal to those looking for cheaper accommodation options while getting satisfactory services. When you travel to Manali with YOHO Tours, you will discover that the accommodation options in Old Manali mainly exist in the form of guest houses.

Although they may offer the most basic of facilities, your stay in them promises to be enjoyable and affordable. While you are at it, check out the backpacker cafes and restaurants which, besides offering delicious food, entertain their guests with live musical performances. Does it get any more exciting?

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