Reaching Bali is the first step to enjoying the life there. You can avail the 4N/5d Bali tour package or Bali 4N/5d package with airfare. Either of them will give you a good experience. But what’s the experience? Tourists say these are the most beautiful places to visit and serve as popular tourist destinations while you’re at Bali.

Let’s take a look:

Pura Tanah Lot – in the Bali local language, Pura means temple. The biggest of all the temples here is the Pura Besakih. From this place, you can get a view of the beautiful pathways leading to Batu Balong, which is known as a sea temple mounted on a rock. When you visit any of the temples, make sure you are dressed respectfully and do wear the local sarong and a dash. This temple is believed to be the work of the 15th-century priest. It has a special place in Bali culture and mythology.

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Mount Batur – When the sun is about to rise but it is still kind of dark there are many tourists that go on a trek to witness the beautiful sunrise from the above the lust mist surrounded mountains. This place also hosts an active volcano which the tourists go ahead to see. Maybe this is the best place to visit a volcano from a safe distance. If you’re a geography enthusiast, this is a must visit place for you.

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Kecak Dance – It is said to be one of the traditional dance in Bali and it so happens that the tourist finds it very attractive. This dance depicts the story of a never-ending battle of the good and the evil. Puri Dalem Taman is the best place from where you can witness the dance at ease. The atmosphere is great and the air is filled with a scent of authenticity. Locals call it the fire dance, just in case you want to ask where its happening.

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Pura Luhur  Uluwatu – This is most popular Bali temple as it is also called the one of nine directional Pura’s of Bali. This is believed to protect it from evils. This temple is located at a setting you will be amazed at when you look. Most travelers love to enjoy the view of this place more than the worship due to its beautiful location and setting with artwork done on it.Bali Tour Packages from delhi

Rice Fields based out of Tegalalang – This is said to be the top attraction of Bali due to the beautiful landscape it possesses. The lining of the rice terrace gives you a glimpse of how beautiful nature can be. If you avail the Bali 4N/5D tour Package from Delhi, and you’re not keen on a bike, they will take you a visit to this field. The wind is so refreshing and the classic terraces are spread beautifully over the landscape. As far as your eyes can see, the greenery can be seen here.

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If you’re looking forward to a Bali trip, wait no more because the list is already here. If you’re on a honeymoon, then you can avail the special Bali 5N/6D Package Honeymoon or 4N/5D Package Bali if you are traveling for recreation. Do let us know how your experience was during your time at Bali. Happy visiting!


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