Singapore is a land of tourists due to its amazing infrastructure, the various sightseeing places, and beautiful sceneries all around, the developed nation’s feel that it emanates. So you can plan a smooth visit by availing our cheapest Singapore tour package with airfare or take up 5d/4n Singapore package. You can hop around places and enjoy the trip according to the planner. Also, do not forget to try the below-mentioned dishes as it has been loved by the majority of the tourist who visited Singapore.

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Hainanese Chicken Rice

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This is a chicken dish in which they serve steamed chicken and serve it with rice cooked in an already prepared stock chicken. This tastes like heaven for the non-vegetarians as it helps one gain the satisfaction of a fulfilling meal. The fragrance you get from the rice that has been oozed in the chicken stock is what sets this dish apart from the normal chicken meals. Unless you try this, any description will never be enough. So, mark this meal!

Chili Crab

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These are hard shell crabs that the chef prefers to cook in a tomato base mixed with semi-thick gravy. They steam the crabs which are cracked partially to give a unique flavor. Then they are stirred very lightly in an already prepared mix of ketchup, eggs and chili sauce. Despite its name, this dish is not very spicy, the chili sauce is to give it a flavor and the taste remains unique. The gravy is really tasty so people normally order bread to soak the gravy and enjoy the dish to its fullest.


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For those of you who love rice noodles, this is an absolute delight. Shrimp served with coconut coup in a curry form along with fish cakes chicken meat and eggs; a perfect mix of variants from Malay and Chinese cuisine. Out of the many variants Laska has, the Singaporean special is Katong Laska served with some cut-up noodles In addition to it, people prefer tofu puffs and many a times Cockes as well. This can give your taste buds a reason to eat it again. Such is the taste of this special dish!

Barbecue Stingray

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This dish of Singapore has become famous due to a barbeque experience in the coastal areas. The hawker stalls have made this dish so well that almost every tourist wants to try it once. The dish features the steaked stringray meat which has been slated in a thick sauce which is nothing but a tomato mixed with a spicy condiment. All this preparation is wrapped in a banana leaf and put on a grill in low heat. A must try for such a preparation.


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This is a special kind of meat served with rice in the form of a cake, relished with cucumber chilly and peanut sauce. This is mostly served as a starter Turmeric loving people’s delight; this food contains spice as its main ingredient. Variety ranges from pork, chicken beef and mutton so you can choose from the list.

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Singapore has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, career, food and the like. You can make use of our Cheap Singapore 4N/5D tour Package or Singapore 4N/5d package with airfare to decide what’s best suited for your travel plan and make this trip a memorable one. Do let us know what you had and how your experience was!


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