Thailand is noted for its saucy, rich in spices, tangy and predominantly non-vegetarian diet. The cuisine involves lots of rice or noodles or soup, and sometimes all of these things together in a mix. So, if you are planning on visiting the country and have opted for a Thailand 4N/5D Package then be prepared for a roller coaster ride of mouth-watering flavors and fabulously smelling food.

Just to pitch in a few suggestions, listed below are 5 cuisines/ food items you might want to try when visiting Thailand on a Thailand 4N/5D Package from Delhi.

Thailand Tour Packages From Delhi

Pad Thai

Thailand 2N/3D Package

One of the most common dishes in Thailand and also a national dish, Pad Thai is a delicious combination of noodles (that have been stir-fried), eggs, and bean sprouts marinated in either fish sauce or soy sauce depending on if you want a vegetarian version of the dish or a non-veg version of it. Pad Thai is amongst the cheapest foods you might get in Thailand and makes for a good start on a day of trying different cuisines while you travel around the country as per your schedule under Thailand 4N/5D tour Package from Delhi.

Thai Pancakes

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A little western touch to dishes does no harm. The Thai pancake seems to go by just this philosophy. There is nothing fancy about the dish, it’s plain and simple. Available in almost every possible flavor, Thai pancakes make for a tasty breakfast or even a lip-smacking dessert. Cut in small pieces that fit your mouth perfectly, this tasty delight is one thing you should definitely have when visiting Thailand.

Tom Yum Soup

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Tom Yum is a kind of hot and sour Thai soup that is mostly cooked with shrimp. The soup has a mildly spicy broth, nothing that overpowers the taste buds but provides you with just the right amount of chili that would leave you wanting for more. The soup makes for an excellent appetizer after a good day’s sightseeing of Thailand that you might have booked under a Thailand 4N/5D tour Package.

Spring Rolls

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Spring rolls are delicious small packets of flavoury madness mixed in shredded veggies along with noodles that are wrapped to unravel themselves in your mouth. Thai spring rolls make for an amazing side dish and are actually quite fulfilling. The sauce that accompanies the rolls adds to the exquisite taste of the spring rolls making them even more delicious than they already were.

Mango Sticky Rice

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After the hot and spicy ride of soups and spring rolls, what could be better than having a sweet dish that though seems unusual is actually a bomb of sweetness? Thailand’s mango sticky rice is a dessert that is served with mango accompanied by sweetened rice and a coconut ice cream or some milk. The dessert is an absolute delicacy in Thailand is would leave you licking your fingers after an amazing dinner.

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Just like the amazing places that the country offers be it historic in nature or activities full of fun, Thailand doesn’t shy away from making its mark in the department of delicious cuisines as well. The country is packed with amazing food items to try while you roam around after opting a Thailand 4N/5D family tour package with airfare.


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