Thailand is a pandora’s box of everything and anything you might want to do. From its exquisite historical sites to the amazing food (a little hard time there for vegetarians, but nevertheless amazing food) to the mind-blowing scenic beauty, this country has everything you could wish for and makes for a worthy Thailand 2N/3D Package from Delhi.

Listed below are five fun activities that you should definitely try when you are visiting Thailand especially if you have opted for a Cheap Thailand 2N/3D tour Package.

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Thai Massages

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Thai massages are known to be one of the best massages in the world. With a combination of techniques that involve acupunctures which not only relax your muscles but also help them regain their former strength, these massages are one of the most soothing experiences you would receive when visiting Thailand. To top this all off, unlike the costly massages that we usually get here back home, Thai massages are quite inexpensive thus making them a perfect to do activity when visiting the country while having opted for cheapest Thailand tour package with airfare.

Jungle Trekking

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Thailand is a host to beautiful wildlife and dense forests. In a world where almost, every open space is being transformed into a concrete jungle, going out to a real one is not that a bad an idea (sarcasm intended) especially if you have chosen a Thailand 2N/3D tour Package from Delhi. Thailand, more specifically Northern Thailand offers lofty mountains and thick forest cover thus making it a go-to place for outdoor activity enthusiasts.

Fly Boarding

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If you’ve ever wished to do those cool gravity-defying mid-air flips and zoom around like your favorite superhero in the air, flyboarding is the sport for you. Not only does it give you the thrills of flying but at the same time lets you swim past fishes extremely fast. Kon Samui in Thailand provides you with this amazing experience which I don’t think should be missed by anyone even if one has opted for Cheapest Thailand 2N/3D tour Package.

Fish Spa

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There is nothing better than getting your feet soaked in cool water and have small fishes come and nibble at them after a good long day traversing the streets of Thailand. Feeling scores of fishes nibbling away all the dead skin and impurities off of your feet while tingling tickling sensations course down your body, a fish spa brings back life to your tired soles and makes for a perfect activity to do before you head to bed after you’ve been to various places under your Thailand tour packages.

Pattaya Dolphin World

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One of the smartest mammals in the world, dolphins upon being trained can perform a range of activities from juggling a ball, to jump through a loop, to play games like basketball and what not. Pattaya Dolphin World is one such place where people from all around the world come not just to see dolphins perform these various activities but also to be aware of the need for conservation of these aquatic mammals and other aquatic species.

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Thailand is a place full of fun and frolic. There is something or the other for everyone to do or participate in. If you are interested in the same a Thailand 2N/3D tour package with airfare would be a something to look for.


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