No matter how interesting and exciting a place you are living in, the boredom of tedious monotony can always get you. Have you been under the blues lately and been daydreaming about an escape to an exotic place where you might be able to recharge your batteries and get back to your life with the newfound vigor? Here, we bring you the cheapest Bishkek tour package with airfare which you can avail to get that long-awaited holiday that you deserve.

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Bishkek is the capital city of Kyrgyzstan and is one of the beautiful cities in Russia. It is one of the best tourist destinations in the region with a host of magnificent historical places and could be your dream place if you want a dive into history. So, let’s see the highly coveted historical attractions in Bishkek:

Kuznechny Fortress

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All but disappeared now, this historical (Blacksmith’s fortress) site was the location of an early-1800s Kokhand fortification, built amidst a much older Silk Road settlement known as Jul. The hill upon which the fortress stood is quite evident when seen from the height, however, the occasional artifact that gets turned up is not less compelling from ground level either. Be sure to visit this marvelous place when you are availing our Bishkek 4N/5D package.

State Museum of Fine Arts

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If you want to satisfy the art aficionado in you, what’s better than visiting the museum of fine arts. this museum boasts of a huge Collections of Kyrgyz embroidery and felt rugs, a splendid variety of paintings, and rotating exhibitions of local and international touring works which make this visit worthwhile.

Ala-Too Square

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Surveyed by a triumphant statue of (Mighty Manas), Bishkek nominal center is architecturally neo brutalist in style but has a photogenic quality – especially when valourous slow-stepping soldiers change the guard behind the overarching national flagpole. In autumn, the stones of the squares southern half are relieved by majestic floral displays and fountains that double as swimming pools for local children.

Victory Square

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Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the end of WWII, this monument is designed to evoke three symbolic yurt struts curving above an eternal flame. It sits within the magnificently large sun-bleached expanse of Victory Square.
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Statue of Kurmanjan Datka

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Dedicated to the ‘Queen of the Alay’, this 19th-century stateswoman and the tribal leader was famous in Kyrgyzstan long before being featured in a 2014 film that won a number of international awards.

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Bishkek is a magical place where you are bound to have epiphanies and experiences which will absolutely be worth savoring.
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